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Project Description
Swiss Army knife? Who needs one when you have a Wakizashi?

The Wakizashi suite of utilities solve some real world problems and is used in one of the world's largest investment banks. Currently, it includes a full featured validation framework and a lightweight but powerful workflow framework.

Samurai Validation

The Samurai Validation framework supports fluent definition of validation rules, attribute driven rules, and straight code. This flexibility sets it apart from other frameworks.

Samurai Workflow

The sequential workflow in Samurai.Workflow is not designed to replace long running workflows like those built upon Windows Workflow Foundation, but rather to make smaller, short running operations easier to maintain, test and synchronize It's simple to use and allows multi-step processes to operate on different threads. Steps in a workflow can execute on different threads and a common context will be passed between the steps to ease synchronization.
Workflow in

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